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ImmoDreiL is a property management firm that provides additional real estate brokerage services tailored to investors and owners, sellers and buyers, who seek to optimize returns. ImmoDreiL is committed to supporting clients throughout the sales process and beyond to deliver superior investment outcomes.

Germany and Switzerland
ImmoDreiL has specialized in real estate assets in metropolitan hubs and urban hotspots across the German and Swiss real estate markets for over 10 years.

International investors enjoy a diverse portfolio of Swiss and German residential and commercial real estate assets on offer.

ImmoDreiL excels at property management to enhance property value and increase rent income, seeking to capitalize upside potential.

ImmoDreiL acts as the local representative for its international clients, collaborating with local teams of Swiss and German legal, finance, insurance, and tax professionals to best serve owners and investors.

ImmoDreiL’s multinational team of real estate experts is there to assist clients in Hebrew, English, German, French, or Spanish.

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